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_mg_8963.jpgName: Lukáš Hanžl (Lukas Hanzl)
National: Czech
Born: May 25, 1995

Live in: Roudnice nad Labem(Czech)

Student School of International and Public Relations Prague (PR)


His first buggy came when he was 3 years old. I don't remember from that time. On the contrary, I quite vividly remember my first race in use of the contents of 160ccm3. Still, I went to kindergarten. In this category I have endured three seasons and then I moved to a stronger "250ccm3 Racer. priority was gaining experience and preparing for changes.

Junior buggy was for me the Royal Division at this time, as compared with racer buggy are quite different in size and behavior. I was in the junior division i was total of 6 years of riding in small buggy and a total of another 3 years I raced in this division. Wrote the year 2009 and I began to feel that it is time to go, but where? Before me stood, the big question, whether to stay in the mud, or "jump on concrete. " It was difficult for me to change, but I with parents, we decided to go on the circuit.

In 2009, various tests were carried out with formula ,in the Le Mans circuit and on the Czech and my first circuit race, Autumn price of Masaryk circuit. It has been decided, that next season (2010) we will go on the circuit with formula, but which team was another question, is offering three options, either from a purely Czech Autoschwarz team, for which I was already a race or a larger team Krenek Motorsport, who also compete in more international Cup, Formula Renault 2.0 and the latest offer came from France, where I got an offer for the international Formula Cup Academy. The decision was made in collaboration with Mr. Krenek and the new formula team FormulaSTAR.